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Fake Flash Drivers and memory cards.

Fake Flash Drivers and memory cards.

There are new trend of USB market. It is about selling fake flash drivers, memory cards in internet. I have some of information about victims and scammed by fake flash sellers. It is easy business because they know the customer can't get action against them. There are more causes to prevent this type of erroneous businesses from all over the world.
There is no any formal organization or authority to inform officially on this scam.
There is no international active information burro to get information about trusted sellers.
But there are few web sites can find and Identify how scammers work. Ex: Scam,
This is excellent feature of this site. There is lot of information about scammers.

There is no legal method to get money back and cancel the transaction if goods may in bad quality.
Actually they can be done this erroneous business by representing specific person or a business firm which is already established. 
Therefore it will be great problem to branded items and also to goodwill of business firm.   

How Identifying a Fake flash

There are many software for detect fake flash and memory cards.
Ex:-  Chip Genius is a great software. It can find a fake flash by scanning memory.

Please connect the device.
Open Chip genius.
Click on the button to scan.
(It is may be Chinese version)

Story :Example

My subordinate sellers have two experiences about scam. When they started the Business, they wanted to import the goods directly by manufactures. This is the best way because there are no intermediately agents.  Therefore they contacted few manufactures and got information in Internet websites.

They had no idea about fake sellers. They were more friendly than real. Also they quoted low prices than others. Therefore they decided to buy from cheap price suppliers. Actually we cannot believe how they done this scamming.
It was collected information about scammers and popular list about scammers like scam book. But there is no any information even name or company address in the scammer's lists in any web site. Also had the recommendation about the company name from one of Chinese friend.

My friends paid to company Account. Not to person because Scammers use money transferring services to transactions. But they used the real company account to scam. I found the information about business registration in hong  kong published in internet before to decide to pay.
After Paid they sent me goods but those are fakes. I have received pen drives 128MB but labeled and identified 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB. Those are toys. After scam them and the email about scam. They are doing this business during a long period of time. They are changing their first name and business contacts quickly. Therefore it is difficult to get exact information about genuine suppliers from internet. That is the chance for fake flash sellers. But there are web sites can report about fake flash victim in internet like scam book.

It is not possible to sell that fake flash to customers. Because it should be provided with the maximum warranty period to customers in order to sell good quality items to customers.

After this experience I decided to find assured service to buy products like alibaba /Aliexpress Escrow service to buy after confirmed order by Manufacturer. Now also we have contacted direct shipping service to buy items from china.
How identify fake flash and memory card.
You can use software like chip genius 4 to identify and check the flash drive or memory card if is it a fake or duplicate card. You can run ChipGenius_v4_00_0024.exe to identify part no and chip no in the drive. FlashGenius.exe can use to identify chip information by using the part no. MyDiskTest.exe to check and test if it is has the real memory capacity.

After Find the real capacity use Mini Tool Partition Wizard Home Edition to make the partition sized real capacity. you can copy files and folders to drive and remove the drive and plug it again, also copy all files to hard disk again. If copied and run correctly it is the good one. But have error on copied files or couldn't copy it is a fake flash drive or memory card.
I have lot of information about software to correct the capacity displaying in partition software that I connected flash drives but couldn't yet made correct the drive identification information like capacity and part no.

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