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Sonic Micro System

Technological Supporters

The Technological Supporter
Sonic Micro system is a small company situated at Matara in Southern Province of Sri Lanka. Matara Is one of a main city and located 160 km far from Colombo capital of Sri Lanka where Cultivation, fishing farming is major economic businesses which are rapidly developing in this area.

When considering the social and educational development, IT and Computer Technology has direct is a main Part of Education System. Computers PC, Laptops and all Electronics are demanding in this area. E-commerce and Networking Facilities also available.

We are able to provide supporting facilities which relates to Information Technology who are involving with servicing and selling PCs, Laptops, PC Components and peripherals. We are also can provide Retail and wholesale business and developing service quality.

Also we are pleasure to mention that there can be Providing Warranty facilities for respective Items and also replace one to one for warranty. No Repair warranty and all repairing and replacements are providing by Manufactures.
We are Providing Storage media Flash Drives and Memory Card, Hard Disk Ram, And optical Media CD/DVD. You can Select Good Quality Top rated Brands and Also Mid range and Third Party Products for our Customers.

If you need DVD with reasonable prices We are in a possibility to provide Normal Brand (AL, Banana, Etc.) But you have to use quality Disks for Video and backup productions. Therefore you have to use TDK, Verbatim or Mitsubishi Products. There are Items by several qualities. You have to decide what you want to select in order to fulfill your actual purpose.

We are always with you facilitating more information and services for your Issue. Basically we are catering with home users and office users as our main clients.

PC Assembling and Repairing
Since 2004 we are providing PC Repairing and servicing support to any PC user. We have qualified PC technicians and Network Technicians.
Also we are providing free diagnosing and estimating to our PC users. We can configure pc parts according to your needs. There are different configurations for Home, Office, Professional Editing users. It can reduce cost and user can choose hardware and software for archiving their needs.

We are buying our products from China and Hong Kong mainly. We are in connection with several industries and Manufactures who are certified QC and FC quality standards and Verified International companies. We hope to offer you a high quality and good items after checking with Standard and Quality constantly.

Address :-
Office                                      :                No 17-A, Akuressa Road, Nupe, Matara, Sri lanka
Email   / Telephone                  :       / 0094-7142-12377

Our Product sellers Showrooms  and Service centres
Showroom / Service Centre:                 Many-sided PC – No #, Station Approach Road Matara.
Email   / Telephone                  :                0094775915691/00947104 26292 
Showroom                              :                 E-Net Computer Institute, Angunukolapalessa.
Email   / Telephone                  :                0094474922934

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