Monday, January 19, 2015

Useful Tips and Tricks in Windows 7

Useful Tips and Tricks in Windows 7

In this tutorial i will show you useful tips and trick in Windows 7 to keep it in top performance :

-Disable unnecessarily program that run in windows startup:
 Sometimes when you install a new softwares, they automatically run when you start windows and to prevent that simply go in software setting and uncheck this option. or go in statrup → run → type msconfig → a new windows will appear → go in startup option and uncheck all unnecessarily programs ( for me i check just my antivirus) and restart your computer.

-Back up your registry:
most of time we forget to save a copy of our registry so when something not good happens we can back up it.  in the past i was downloaded a crack from Best Blackhat Forum and that crack was infected and it hurt my registry. but because i was back up my registry before, all was fine.
this is how to save a copy from your registry :
go in startup → run → type regedit→ in file tab choose export, name it as you which and click save :

if you want to backup it just do all above steps but this time click import then choose the registry backup file.

-Repair problems of system:
 To do that you need a litte tool called FixWin  you can download it from here : FixWin 1.2
this is a screenshot about this tool :

-Prevent others to access your registry and damage it:
To prevent hackers to access your registry go in startup→run→type gpedit.msc → user configuration→administrative tools → system → double click : prevent access to registry editing tools and choose enbaled

if you want to edit your registry again just do the steps above and choose "not configured"

-Update your drivers without softwares:
 to update your drivers without  softwares go in startup→run and type : devmgmt.msc → right lick to the driver you want to update and choose properties → details → and copy the name of your driver :

now visit that site ( you must internet explorer)  : Catalogue Microsoft Update

install the extension then go in search bar and paste the name of your driver you wll get all version of your driver :

choose the version you want to download and add it then click download, select the location of the downloaded driver and click next, wait until download finish , 

 -Enable GodMode feature:
by enabling this feature you can control up to 274 windows feature easily :

to enable it just create new folder and name it : GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

I hope you like this tips and if you have any questions just leave a comment.

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