Thursday, April 10, 2014

how view sinhala font website in android

No Need to Root or Install sinhala fonts, Need only install one of these free web app to your tab or phone.

1. SETTBrowser

"Sinhala Tamil web browser"

SETT Sinhala/Tamil (Sri Lanka/India) web browser is the exclusive Sinhala/Tamil enabled web browser for Android.

Even though your Android does not support Sinhala/Tamil languages, you still can read any Sinhala/Tamil web content with SETT.

SETT Browser comes with an innovative rendering engine which renders Sinhala Tamil using Unicode web fonts. It does NOT use bitmaps unlike OperaMini, so you will not be charged an extra cent for reading Sinhala/Tamil content.

 2. Sith Browser 

Sith Browser is light weight fast Android web Browser with Sinhala and Tamil rendering (Sinhala Android web browser / Tamil Android web Browser). Happy Browsing

★ Sinhala web Browser
★ Tamil web Browser


- Unlimited Tabs
- Full Screen Mode
- Incognito Browsing (Incognito Mode keeps you safe while browsing,History is not saved, Cookies are disabled, and Location access is disabled to ensure as best we can that you are not being tracked )
- Bookmarks
- History
- Block Images
- Flash Support
- Fast Sinhala and Tamil Rendering
- Search Engine
- FREE No Ads

Download Sith Browser and enjoy a faster experience with Sinhala Tamil web browsing.

 3. Siyalu sinhala web browser


 Browse sinhala web sites,blogs from your android device. it is free and it is open source. NO advertisements at all.

user reviews
"great work. thanks lot. this app solve my sinhala font problem.thanks again."

"Great app! I love it how you've solved the sinhala reading issue and, I use this browser to view other sites too, this browser formats pages unlike most of the other browsers,. keep it developing. Thanks a lot!"

"Very nice app. Glade to read sinhala news papers on Android. Thanks a lot"

"This is a very good app. Proud to be a sri lankan"

"no root needed. perfect rendering."

"Better than I expected. I love this app."

"Greatest sinhala browser! This is real deal.and its for free.thanx bro for developing this"

"Great app. Like this font verymuch. Thanks"

"Good app.Fast and work well my xperia Ray."



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