Sunday, March 10, 2013

How Access mobile 3G line with PC/Tablet/Laptop (sharing Internet)

How Access mobile 3G line with PC/Tablet/Laptop (sharing Internet)
You can use your mobile 3G/4G internet line with PC or laptop using USB Data cable / Bluetooth / Wifi connection by Easy way.

1.       You need android mobile phone or android Tablet pc , no need to Root.
2.       You need configure Internet with 2G(Gprs) or 3G Hspa with your mobile connection.
3.       If you have tablet pc with 2G/3G feature or not 3G/2G it’s ok.

4.       You can use 3G dongle and connect with USB port and configuring Internet.
5.       You have to download android application and if you using Desktop pc or laptop using windows O/S you have to get PdaNetA4013.exe
6.       If you install in your phone or tab first you may appear download windows version software to your phone. You can download it to your SD card and connect to pc and install it to pc.
7.        If you install PdaNetA4013.exe in your PC first you may appear install app version software for your phone. You can select and install it automatically to phone or tab.

8.       Pls check android O/s version for compatibility for application. My xperia x8 Android 2.1 wasn’t work (2.03).But My 7” tablet pc 4.0 ICS worked well.
9.       You have to enable Debugging mode in your phone or tablet. Enable usb debugging (settings->applications-development
10.   To install PdaNet to pc run PdaNet exe and following instructions. After installation run
11.   Pls open PdaNet and enable USB Teathering for USB cable or enable blue tooth DUN to connect with blue tooth connection and connect the phone cable to your pc or laptop.

12.   Open Start Menu\Programs\PdaNet for Android\Install Legacy Network driver to install pda network.
13.   Click on the pdanet icon on the taskbar and click connect internet USB for USB cable connection.
14.   You have to enable settings for blue tooth /USB / Wifi and test connection with 3g network as your connection.

15.   You can search blue tooth and wifi devices by your client device (as the same way you using to connect devices) to connecting with blue tooth or wifi for using internet.
16.   To connecting internet with Bluetooth connection to pc or tablet you have to click pdanet icon on taskbar and select settings and select Bluetooth pairing. And search and select Bluetooth connection.

17.   Your device and android Os version must be compatible with Wifi connections for enabling wifi teathering.
18.   After add the network you can open browser and set automatically settings for connecting (no proxy or ip)
19.   Open browser and go internet.
20.   Good luck.

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