Sunday, December 30, 2012

Easy way to connect and sync data with pc or mac and install software ,manage data for your android device

The one of best way to connect your android phone or tab with computer and Sync data and installing software to tab. It is snappea.

SnapPea already supports the drivers for the majority of Android phones. For these phones, SnapPea will automatically install the driver. 

SnapPea connects to your computer either by Wi-Fi or USB, and it will download and install USB drivers automatically if necessary, but as I found out while trying to write this post on the train, SnapPea will not connect through a wireless hotspot. I assume that there is a technical reason for this, but as SnapPea is still technically in beta, it may just not have been implemented yet. Whenever SnapPea detects a phone that is running its Android client on the same network as your PC, it will prompt you to connect using a security code that is shown on the phone’s screen, and once you’ve connected the phone, you can choose to connect automatically in the future and you’ll be free from codes forever! It’s not tied to one PC either; I’ve got mine set up to automatically connect to my desktop PC, my laptop and my work PC, depending on which one I’m using at the time.

SnapPea has a pretty neat set of features. It allows you to manage media content; you can drag-and-drop music, pictures and video to your device, and you can automatically backup text messages, contacts and photos to your PC. As you’d expect, you can transfer files to and from your device, but rather than mount your device’s internal memory as USB storage, you connect by FTP. If you connect your phone to SnapPea by USB rather than WiFi, you can take screenshots of your device easily, as well as mirror your screen to your PC. You can install and remove applications from your device, and SnapPea integrates the Google Play Store, the 1Mobile Apps store, iTunes Trailers and TED Talks into its desktop application, and allows you to download and install applications through the desktop client directly. I’m told by the developers that they’re working on improving both the desktop client, and the application’s integration with various content stores so that in future versions, it will not be necessary to search each store separately.

If your phone's driver is not supported, you'll need to add it yourself before using SnapPea. In most cases, a phone's PC driver will be included with its official PC suite. For example, Samsung phones have the Kies PC suite. Installing the official PC suite will also install the driver for your phone.
If installing the driver takes a long time, please be patient. Sometimes connecting to SnapPea will fail even after you've turned on "USB debugging" and installed the driver. When you've just installed your driver for the first time, Windows needs to load the driver, which can take a few minutes, especially for Motorola phones. Please wait a few minutes and then start SnapPea again. 

You can connect the device with easy steps. Ex: for Kindle Fire HD
Step 1: 
  • On your TAB, go to: More > Security > Enable ADB (Turn this ON)
Step 2:
  • On your computer, download and install SnapPea for Windows: SnapPea is the easiest way to manage your Tab from the desktop!
Step 3:
  • Use a Micro-USB cable to connect your Tablet to your computer. Open SnapPea for Windows and it’ll automatically connect to your phone and install the SnapPea app on your tab (so that you can start side-loading apps). You’re all set!

Step 1: 
  • On your Tablet, go to: More > Device > Allow Installation of Applications (Turn this ON) 
Step 2: 
  • On your Kindle Fire HD, go to: Download SnapPea for Android. Open notifications and click to install the SnapPea download file.
Step 3: 
  • On your computer, download and install SnapPea for SnapPea is the easiest way to manage your Kindle Fire HD from the desktop!
Step 4:
  • On your computer, open SnapPea for Windows and select “Connect phone”. Select your Amazon Kindle Fire HD. Enter the passcode shown on your Kindle Fire HD in the SnapPea app. You’re all set! 

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