Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Why we are using tablet

Why we are using tablet pc
Advantages of tablets
Web Browsing
1.      Capacitive multi touch Screen.
Able to Zoom in on a page & makes text legible for comfortable reading.
Switch between multiple web pages with similar ease to a desktop pc.

2.     Processing Power and Memory
To Load complex web pages and full of images in a fast browsing, Tablet needs more memory and processing power.
Chipset of tablets often struggles with scrolling & zooming in on web page.

3.     Synchronization
Tablet browsers are useful for bookmarking and store other information on a tablet and also synchronized automatically with main computer (PC).
Apple iCloud , Safari automatically sync with Google crome on pc.

4.     Flash player
Browser has to get support flash player for preview multimedia functions in tablet. Poorly cloud flash can make browser unstable. Therefore before making html ver5 web pages for android devices web engineers find compatibility of hardware for tablets.
Every tablet has some sort of email program switch on likely mobile phone ideal for checking your email without waiting for a pc.
Web browser or outlook (email App) Gmail or hotmail any new messages and replies appear on which ever device you use to login next time.
Playbook , ipad has alert noises and message summery.
Ipad can use multiple email accounts with icloud web mail/pop or exchange.
Photos, videos & music
One of the main reasons to buy a tablet is entertainment, movies and TV. Also for share document, pictures and music.
Google play store offers movie rentals, app books and uk music.
Also it can play stream movies from your pc by Orb or Emil software. It will no longer take up precious storage.  Also it will viewed content over wireless network.
Puzzels and strategy games such angry bird, board games, sports racing, 3D action games support with its hardware capability. Real HD /3D functions will get more quality of video and audio. It can also choose verity of control methods including tilting the tablet to steer your car.
Can play games on HDTV by HDMI adapter you can use for display map and other controllers.

How find compatibility for gamming.
It’s difficult to know exactly how will run games unless you read review. But Tablet graphics chip is good indicator for choosing tabs for gamming.
Ex- Nvidia Tegra3

Office Productivity
Word processing is useful for write and print documents.
Airprint with Google cloud produce wireless print technology. Typing much easy on tablet when it’s held in landscape mode with onscreen keyboard appear on bottom on the screen .Also voice recognition is support for easy typing and commanding to tablets.

For ipad- iTunes store – only for apps, super market for music and films.
Google Play – (Also called android market) wide range of content.
Blackbery appworld- apps are fewer than Google and apple stores. But more attracting because it has high quality products.

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